By Jacob Owens

As a student returning to jiu jitsu from a long hiatus, I was eager to find a gi that more fit my style, and this black Ultra Light gi by Elite Sports really did the trick. It’s relatively light, but still very durable. There was never a time where I was worried about any possible rips or tears. The first time I wore it I noticed it was quite stiff, but after a single wash the material became more comfortable and my movement no longer felt restricted. I am also a big fan of the purple accents, as it is my favorite color, and I got several compliments the first few times I wore it. It’s a nice contrast to the black without being flashy. There are a couple of things to note: The jacket is very comfortable, but it tends to sit a little bit too open around the chest and I find myself adjusting it often, even when I’m just standing. Also, the pant legs could be tapered just a little bit more, because they’re too open around the ankles, at least at my height (5’6″). So overall, I’m a big fan of this gi and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is beginning their jiu jitsu journey. Shop for yours at,,