Wondering how the Roku Goryu Karate students advance through their ranks? Well, here are the basics:

First, the striping system is based on 3 stripes per color of belt with the exception of the Brown belt, which has 4. The stripes are received after passing an exam showing the knowledge of the techniques for that stripe. The exam slips are in the academy office and must be requested by the student or parent. The student has the opportunity to test for the stripe with the same test slip up to 3 times within a set parameter of time or they will have to obtain a new test slip. Another opportunity for a student to receive an advancement stripe is if a Sensei sees that the student is excelling beyond others during class time and behavior the Sensei can award a “battlefield promotion” and stripe the student at any time.

Second, once a student has received the 3 stripes they may be eligible for a Color up exam if they have enough class attendance hours per belt color. This information can be obtained from the office also. If they do have the mandatory time in rank then they may test at the next quarterly exam.

Third, if all has gone well and the stripes and class attendance hours are in place then a student can attend the quarterly color up exams in which they will be tasked with performing all of the techniques from White belt to their current color with proficiency. This exam does NOT guarantee a promotion to the next color! That promotion will be decided by all of the Sensei as a group if everyone agrees the student deserves the color. This decision is based on knowledge AND on behavior.

The Sensei have the ultimate decision on who is promoted and when. Making the right decision is critical for the academy and who will be the eventual leaders of it. The right person can make the academy great! Know your techniques, practice them and be a good person all of the time.

See you on the mats!!