Academy manners are always required!

Welcome to Kobukan Martial Arts Academy. Your journey begins here and can last a lifetime. Before you step into this role of living the martial arts lifestyle let’s look at some of the etiquette that you will be required to display while attending.

First, BOWING! One of the most common and easiest habits to learn at the academy is bowing. We bow when we enter and exit the building. We bow to go on to the mats and we bow to leave them. We bow when we talk to each other, when we spar, when we test and when we leave each others presence. It is a ritual of respect and one not lightly assumed. Showing respect to one another is not only a courtesy but it is also a way to bring honor to yourself and your rank, or position, in the hall.

Second, CLEANLINESS! Always have a clean uniform, clean feet, trimmed nails and a presentable appearance when attending the academy. Most everyone becomes familiar with this type of requirement right away, but in case they don’t they will receive a lecture to be sure. Some of the ways we maintain cleanliness at the academy are: wipe feet off on the red carpets before entering mat area, wear shoes or flip flops in the restrooms & wash hands after using the restrooms.

Third, ALWAYS FACE AWAY FROM THE KAMIZA AND AMERCIAN FLAG WHEN DRESSING OUT! Two of the things we honor the most at the academy are the Kamiza and the American flag. So in order to keep these items in respect we always face toward the back corner to the left of the office, or oriented toward the restroom hallway, if you will. When putting on a uniform or re-tying a belt it is proper to face away from the honor places and then turn back to the front after proper dressing.

So for you to have a great class, or maybe just a visit, it is important to follow the guidelines above and give your best attention to maintain the integrity of the hall and it’s manner, customs, traditions and especially its honor.